Soltaire is one of the largest leading companies in the field of agricultural and Industrial Chemicals manufacturing. It began to enter the framework of market competition  Based on a strong teamwork of multiple competencies experiences of manpower, administrative structure, and technical with skills , experiences, and competences .

Soltaire also represents a large entity in the field of agricultural manufacturing . Our products have technical features and scientific experiences of chemicals and agricultural products industry.

Soltaire have a unique line of customers that puts it on top of the leading companies in the field of agricultural chemicals industry. As confirmed by Soltaire’s agents themselves , It is considered one of the strongest competitors in chemicals industry. which is why we are always ready to develop  and improve our products in order to enter the chemical agricultural exportation market.


Create a strong entity for productive ground and build scientific expertise , technical cadres, and manpower in order to improve the agricultural industry market in Egypt and chemical products in general.


In order to gain a good competitive market , we are forced to improve our products to get in the line with the competitive position of the agricultural products in Egypt.


Hard work is the most effective way to a distinct result in order  to raise the standard of the product and thus marketing movement and the situation of the market economic .

It is honor to be at Your service and contact with You for the best for Your needs

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